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Interesting news are coming from the US regardin to online gambling and its regulation.

Something’s changing when the ones who have always reviled and been against online gambling, are beginning to see some of their members change their position. Republicans have used morality as their reason against online gambling, but tax revenues are increasing the force to tip the balance. Curiously, the most logical sentence since the controversy began has been said by a conservative pundit: “There’s no way that in a free country, online poker should be banned”.

The AGA (American Gaming Association) seems to start taking position in favor of regulating online gambling, though they remained neutral so far. In addition, some land-based casino operators have been added to the ‘not-enemy’ list, like Harrah’s. It looks like they also see the benefits of entering the online market. I think they know no-one can stop it.

Finally, New Jersey joined the list of states seeding to regulate online gambling within its borders. But, just like states like Florida, they plan to do so only for certain brands operating from thier own state, and that means the doors to the international industry would remain closed.

A federal level solution would be better, as proposed by the greatest advocate of online gambling, Barney Frank.

postheadericon Las vegas is coming online

Times are changing, and the biggest names of the industry must do so.

Once the online gambling is growing so fast, and getting bigger than the land-based casino, these must make their moves, and finally, the first Vegas casino will start its operations through the internet.

It’s a good moment: UIGEA had to become a reality this December 2009, but lawmakers decided to wait for 6 more months. It gives the chance to Barney Frank and his supporters to make his dream come true: regulate the online gambling.

So Harrah’s decided to take the Caesars Casino to the internet, though they cannot accept US players at the moment, and will have to wait until the law allow them to. That’s curious, but the american issue has been so for a long time.

Anyway, that’s a good step from Harrah’s, once the solution is near. Other sites have made their own steps: PartyGaming paid a lot of money to avoid problems with the State, and they will be in a good position when american people will be allowed to bet anywhere they want to.

It seems online Caesars Casino will use the Dragonfish software, from 888, for their games. Maybe thinking about the future: Microgaming or Playtech seem to be a better option at the moment. Anyway, the welcome to the american market can change a lot of things in the online gambling industry.

postheadericon Titan casino & Titan Poker

One of the most exciting places to gamble online is Titan Casino and Titan Poker, wich have been growing through the last year. Great offers, Playtech software and nice graphs can be some of the reasons.

If we visit Titan Casino, we’ll find 86 games (live dealer on 5 of them), 15 progressive jackpots, 12 video poker games… We can also choose different payment methods, and they have a great VIP program.

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Titan Poker Room is still new, but it’s growing every day. For the next Christmas, they have special events with $2010 in prizes everyday.
We can also win a seat for very important live tournaments, such ECOOP, Irish Open or the International Team Poker League, and play at their progressive tournaments: Fort Knox, Rio, Maui and Dirty Dozen.
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postheadericon There Are So Many Benefits Of Getting Online And Playing Various Games Offered In Casino Properties

Learn the game:

In order to perfect the game, it is necessary for the gamers to ensure that they would have to learn the various rules and regulations that would enable them to not only enjoy the games, but also equip them with the necessary knowledge that will enable them to win more and earn monies, since playing even on the online version of the casinos mean that the persons are able to earn the cash at the end of the won games. By investing in the portals by the means of deposit or taking up the free games in the portals, the keen gamers would be able to enjoy their time and also have higher degree of success when it comes to picking up their victories by shouting Bingo, whenever required.

Know certain strategies:

It is critical for the players to build up on the various strategies that they could either draw out of the experiences that have been shared by others or through their own experiments in the free games, so as to ensure that they win a lot of knowledge and lose nothing. When they pick up websites that offer signup and other bonuses, they extend their playing powers and have fun through having success more often than not. There are various aspects that the persons would have to observe to hone up their strategies.

Play for free:

There are so many portals that are present on the internet to ensure that their users would be able to play the games and enjoy in their free time, especially like the Bingo and other casino based games. However, the users would have to be smart enough to do the necessary research beforehand and pick up the best portals, such as in the case of to ensure that they would be able to enjoy the ideal benefits of playing bingo for free and also earning the necessary amounts of bonuses that tend to attract them and retain the players in their sites. The users would also have to see if the portals offer the jackpots to multiply their earnings to a great extent.


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postheadericon The Lottery’s International Appeal

The Internet has opened up a new world. People from every corner of the Earth have instant access to the day’s news, products and services of every type, and the means to communicate by email day and night. The world is one big marketplace without geographical boundaries, and the way that companies market themselves has been transformed as a consequence.

In the gambling sector, it has led to growth in lotteries, both in number and size. With punters trying their luck across borders, the size of the top prizes has grown as well as the numbers of people who suddenly find themselves with riches they had never dreamt about. They may have hoped but rarely expected to get a really big win. However, a huge number of people continue to play in search of the dream. Even when they win just a small amount, they are excited.


Online Facility

Many companies online have provided a secure platform for customers to enter the largest lotteries in the world. They include the UK National Lottery, Powerball and Megamillions from the USA, Euromillions, and other mainland European games.

Anyone wanting to purchase lottery tickets need just to log on to an online facility and get their own personal account that cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person. That account is where a record of their activities is kept as well being the place where lucky winners will find money lodged if they are successful. It is then one small step to move the money into a personal bank account.


Ironically, one of the early concerns in the e-commerce sector was whether private financial details would be secure. Those concerns have been swept away, and in some countries people have decided it is better to place their ‘bets’ online because they feel certain that they will be paid if they win. They often have less confidence in their local lotteries that a winner will be rewarded. In addition, small lotteries do not have the huge prizes simply because of the numbers competing. Good websites build a reputation quickly, and the word spreads as a result.


One of the most important things that an online lottery facility must do is to announce the winners promptly. That does not mean by name; some people will always want to remain anonymous, even though it is usually fairly impossible. People want to see the winning numbers; that’s all. It should be a priority to tell everyone those numbers, wherever they are based.

There are always questions when it comes to anything related to money. Fraud is a worldwide problem. An online facility with everything explained in full ensures that there are no such problems, and account holders can compete whenever they want, certain that, if their numbers come up, the money is absolutely guaranteed. Online retailers also provide pages such as to quash any queries or concerns that customers may have.

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